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Offley introduces Clink Portonic: the first ready-to-drink Port and Tonic

Offley introduces Clink Portonic: the first ready-to-drink Port and Tonic

The Port Wine brand Offley continues to break taboos and dispel prejudices. This time, by rolling out the first ready-to-drink Portonic, a canned beverage that mixes the light-hearted Offley Porto Clink White with tonic. The new product, which is launched under the signature of a protocol between Sogrape and the IVDP – the Port and Douro Wines Institute – should reach the international market within the Summer of 2021. It reflects the market trend favoring new mixers and offers the ideal solution for those seeking to enjoy this famous Port Wine cocktail mixed to perfection: White Port Wine, tonic, and a special touch of natural flavorings.

Offley Clink Portonic comes as an opportunity to inject an element of refreshment to the Port Wine category and to enhance its appeal for young consumers. Ready-to-drink (RTD) products, especially canned RTDs, are trending all over the world. By creating a beverage with a Port Wine base, we are offering a premium alternative to other RTDs and making sure it is perfectly served”, explained João Gomes da Silva, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. “We will begin with a presence in international markets, where popularity for this type of beverage has been growing, while keeping a close eye on opportunities in Portugal”, he said.

Following the launching of Offley Clink range, but with a significantly lower alcohol content and fewer calories than White Port Wine on its own, Clink Portonic is proof that the Offley is once again challenging traditions and giving consumers a fresh experience by enjoying a Port and Tonic presented in a more relaxed, practical, and innovative format.

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