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Sogrape es el distribuidor exclusivo de Engine en Portugal

Sogrape es el distribuidor exclusivo de Engine en Portugal

Sogrape Distribuição has expanded its portfolio and is now Engine’s exclusive distributor in Portugal. The new gin brand is a newcomer to Portugal and was acquired by the Illva Saronno Group. It joins the range of spirits distributed exclusively by Sogrape to Portuguese consumers.

After announcing the exclusive distribution of Illva Saronno brands at the end of last year, Sogrape Distribuição has taken over the Group's latest spirits brand. At the end of February, Illva Saronno Holding S.P.A. acquired the company, which, until then, had a majority position in the production and distribution of Engine, joining leading brands such as Disaronno, the world's favourite Italian liqueur, Disaronno Velvet and Tia Maria, the coffee liqueur par excellence. Gonçalo Sousa Machado, CEO of Sogrape Distribuição, said, "Becoming the exclusive distributor of Engine in Portugal is another step along the path we've been taking to offer the best spirits on the Portuguese market. We already distributed the Illva Saronno Group products, whose quality and tradition align perfectly with Sogrape Distribuição, and now we are delighted to add another brand to the portfolio. Engine is an innovative and irreverent gin brand, and from now on, you can count on us to bring the best flavours of the Italian tradition to Portugal."

Engine was launched in May 2019 and is present in more than 30 international markets, but it is only now being launched in Portugal. Produced in Italy, it is a 100% organic gin with a formula linked to Italian and Piedmontese tradition, which pays homage in its composition to sweet liqueurs, cordials and sage and lemon liqueurs that were ancient digestive remedies in the past. The inspiration behind Engine is based on the imagery of motor racing, oil cans, fuel and competitions, which has resulted in an original design, as the bottle is not presented in the traditional way but in unusual cans.

Engine is now available on the Portuguese market for €39.99*. *Indicative and non-binding.

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