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Marqués de Burgos

Marqués de Burgos

The most daring Ribera

Each bottle contains the adventuresome, elegant and unique spirit of the marquis of the province of Burgos. Its wines are an extension of his personality, loyal to the lands of their birth.

Our Winemaker

To create the best wines, we combine science with technology and winemakers who put all their knowledge into each brand, with dedication and passion.

María Barúa

Her first step in the world of wines was studying chemistry and oenology. She has held the position of winemaker at Bodegas LAN since 2002. Since María believes everything begins with winegrowing, her work starts with the vines, which she monitors meticulously throughout the year. She places great importance in the choice of the oak, demanding that it respect and enhance the wine’s innate qualities. As a technical manager since 2007, she is in charge of creating some of LAN's most emblematic wines such as D-12 and, more recently, LAN Xtrème Organic and more recently, LAN 7 metros.