Meant to be discovered

A tribute to the courage, wisdom and boldness of the Portuguese explorers who, in times of old, discovered new maritime routes full of exotic flavours and aromas. Silk & Spice is a mixture of cultures... a wine waiting to be discovered!

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Our Winemaker

To create the best wines, we combine science with technology and winemakers who put all their knowledge into each brand, with dedication and passion.

António Braga

An explorer moved by curiosity and a desire to discover new places, António Braga began his winemaking career in 2003, working at harvests in the Alentejo, California, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand. A degree holder in food engineering, he specialised in oenology and viticulture to make his dream come true of working at the vineyard and the winery. Today, he has a noteworthy track record of more than 10 years at Sogrape, and has been in charge of winemaking management for Mateus, Vinho Verde, Dão and Lisbon since 2017.

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