Solar Power Plants: Renewable energy at Sogrape

In order to equip our facilities with an autonomous capacity to produce renewable energy to supplement purchased electricity, a solar power plant was installed at Sogrape's main office in Avintes in 2019, with another installed at the company’s winery in Anadia in 2020.

These plants provide significant cost savings, while simultaneously cutting annual emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere on the order of 600 tonnes, accounting for 23% of the company’s entire emissions associated with electricity. The energy self-sufficiency achieved totals 16% of all electricity consumed by the company.

Avintes plant in numbers

  • 660 kW installed capacity
  • 2,380 solar panels
  • 1,186,000 kWh estimated annual production
  • 34% energy savings at the facility
  • 511 fewer tonnes CO2/year in emissions

Anadia plant in numbers

  • 125 kW installed capacity
  • 403 solar panels
  • 246,000 kWh estimated annual production
  • 15% energy savings at the facility
  • 116 fewer tonnes CO2/year in emissions