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Quinta do Seixo Biodiversity Trail

Quinta do Seixo Biodiversity Trail

Sandeman has been offering an innovative and interactive experience since 2022 that invites wine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts - we're talking about the Quinta do Seixo Biodiversity Trail.

Over the 1-kilometre course, visitors can contemplate one of Portugal's most beautiful regions and see good practices in nature conservation, ecosystems and local biodiversity while being stimulated by the world of wine.

This combination of winemaking and environmental knowledge reveals what Quinta do Seixo excels at - the best Ports, produced in harmony with nature.

The route, which has the collaboration of ADVID, offers a unique opportunity to explore and understand the diversity of plants and animals that coexist with our vineyards, promoting a deeper appreciation of the environment that sustains our wine production.

During this experience, we can encounter all kinds of life, from native plants to bats, birds and spiders, giving our vineyards an added charm. Shrubs have been planted to attract insects and promote intercropping with the vines and leafy hedges of rosemary on the slopes to prevent the proliferation of weeds. In a place where environmental awareness plays a fundamental role in business decisions, the integration of a route dedicated to biodiversity demonstrates Sogrape's consideration for wine production and the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem.

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