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Sogrape is a co-founder of Wine in Moderation programme

Sogrape is a co-founder of Wine in Moderation programme

As a company linked to the world of wine, Sogrape defends the importance of a service of excellence aligned with the quality of our products, the preservation of the environment and the satisfaction and well-being of our consumers.

Sogrape is, therefore, a co-founder and ambassador of the international Wine in Moderation programme, created in 2008, which unites various wine organisations with a single purpose - to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine as a cultural and social norm.

This project currently involves more than 50,000 professionals in the wine sector, spread across 15 countries, committed to presenting, selling and serving wine responsibly.

Wine in Moderation is based on three main pillars:

  • CHOOSE - "Choose whether you want to drink or not. Choose to respect the wine you drink. Choose to respect those around you".
  • SHARE - "Share wine with friends and family. Find harmony on the palate. Accompany it with good food and water".
  • CARE - "Because taking care of yourself means taking care of those around you, tasting wine in moderation, avoiding excesses and dangerous behaviour."

In line with these pillars, Sogrape aims to promote balanced, conscious wine consumption habits, assuming a commitment to social responsibility and a healthy lifestyle.

We take on a transparent role - providing information about alcohol content and the effects of alcohol, as well as encouraging education about wine and its impact on health - combating one of the current trends, which is the harmful use of alcohol.

With these ideas, we hope to contribute to a world where the enjoyment of wine is supported by responsible practices, encouraging a healthy balance between pleasure and moderation.