Sandeman cellars host Christmas show cooking with chef Vasco Coelho Santos

With Christmas right around the corner, Sandeman Cellars prepared an original experience for this season’s gourmet traditions lovers. The programme starts with a guided tour to the Cellars, followed by a show cooking led by chef Vasco Coelho Santos, where he will teach how to prepare his famous rabanada, a treat similar to a sweetened French toast. However, the chef’s version has a special twist distin-guishing it from the traditional Portuguese dessert. Participants will be able to replicate the recipe from the chef in charge of the brand new SEIXO, by the Douro River, as well as of the Euskalduna, in Porto, and to whom a Michelin Star was recently awarded.

This exclusive experience designed for a select group of 25 persons ends with a tasting of Sandeman Aged Tawnies (10, 20, 30 and 40 years) — the best pairing for this holiday delicacy.

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