Sandeman Cellars

Sandeman Cellars


With a privileged location and incredible view of Porto’s Ribeira district, the Sandeman Cellars feature a sophisticated, cosmopolitan atmosphere without losing the authenticity of their original story, which began in 1790. Led by a guide dressed like the famous Sandeman Don, the tour winds through the extensive rows of wooden vats and casks where the ever so famous Porto Sandeman is aged. The tasting room’s design embodies a youthful, irreverent spirit, perfect to enjoy Sandeman Porto!

Largo Miguel Bombarda, 47 4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

Latitud: N 41º0815.47” Longitud: W 8º3644.82”

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At Sandeman Cellars, we can have incredible experiences connecting with the historical heritage and nature which Sogrape has always sustained with great care, so that each visitor can be part of our story as well.

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