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Estação Pinhão

Pinhão Railway Station Wine Shop

Pinhão Railway Station Wine Shop


The Pinhão Railway Station, built in the 19th century, is one of the most beautiful in the Douro Valley region. It received its first train on 1 June 1880, and played an extremely important role in the Port Wine business, since it allowed transport by train. In this venue, one can take a guided tour through the collection of artist J. Oliveira, from 1937, including 24 magnificent panels of traditional Portuguese tiles portraying the landscapes and customs of the winegrowing region. The Pinhão Railway Station Wine Shop has a wide selection of wines, with the option of wine tastings combined with regional products.

Largo da Estação
5085-037 Pinhão

Latitude: N 41º11'25.48"
Longitude: W 7º32'42.48"

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At Pinhão Railway Station Wine Shop, we can have incredible experiences connecting with the historical heritage and nature which Sogrape has always sustained with great care, so that each visitor can be part of our story as well.

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