Innovation co-development for viticulture and enology: novel teledetection web-service fuses vineyard data has been developing its platform and implementing features in close cooperation with the internal R&D group of Sogrape Vinhos, Portugal's largest winemaker and a long-standing user.

Of such cooperation were borne a number of tools that are currently available or in late-stage development in

  • Information register and filtering capabilities for all plots in a property;
  • Combining high spatial resolution data from drone with high temporal resolution data from satellite;
  • Availability of past years' data enabling inquiry into historical comparisons and trends;
  • Simple statistical analysis such as plant distribution per percentile, dynamic cut-off points for zoning tools or smoothing;
  • Identification, counting and georeferencing of gaps in the vineyards (dead or otherwise lost plants);
  • Plot variability measurement;
  • High degree of exportability and interoperability, such as ability to download both raster and vector data or export maps/analysis as pdf files;
  • Mobile app enabling in-field data consultation and analysis, as well as georeferenced notes and photos.

Using, Sogrape has streamlined its viticulture management, supporting more efficient daily planning from vineyard managers, evaluating the effect of management decisions on annual and monthly timeframes, explaining the underpinning reasons for observed vineyard block variability and scheduling harvests according to plant vigour and maturity levels (combination of and maturity control data). and Sogrape will continue to cooperate in the co-development of the platform to improve the features and functionality of the service taking advantage of developments in satellite data availability and computer supported geomatic analysis, hopefully leading to easy, quick and accurate methods for estimating water stress risk, carbon balance potentials and ecosystem management with nature and biodiversity conservation indicators.