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2015 is a Barca-Velha year

2015 is a Barca-Velha year

The most anticipated news for wine connoisseurs from around the world has arrived. Nine years after an outstanding vintage in the Douro, which was subsequently enhanced by expert winemaking and the passage of time, a monumental decision has been made. Barca-Velha 2015 will be on the market by summer.

The impeccable standards demanded of a Barca-Velha vintage are renowned. Since 1952, only 21 vintages have earned the accolade of Douro’s best, as inscribed by Casa Ferreirinha. The decision taken by its winemakers brings Sogrape a sense of joy and responsibility, in equal measure.

“The declaration of a new Barca-Velha is always a very special moment, which evokes enormous happiness. On the one hand, there is pride at witnessing the birth of one of the most emblematic and renowned national wines, while on the other, there is an awareness of the vital care necessary when writing the next chapter in an unrivalled story in the wine world”, commented Fernando da Cunha Guedes, the president of Sogrape.

Vibrant, character, and persistence are some of the adjectives used by winemaker Luís de Sottomayor to describe the wine, but its impressive longevity best defines Barca-Velha 2015.

“2015 was a short and atypical harvest, but it was outstanding in terms of quality. Low levels of rainfall and two hot months of July and August contributed to the production of very complex wines with good structure and vibrant fruitiness”, stated the winemaker, who always had “great conviction regarding the destiny of this vintage”.

Only declared in truly exceptional years, Barca-Velha has, since its inception, been produced from selected grapes from different altitudes in the Douro Superior. With 170 hectares of vineyards, Quinta da Leda currently supplies the majority of the final blend, which showcases the region’s traditional grape varieties.

Barca-Velha 2015 will be launched on the market in June of this year.

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