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Douro enters the Metaverse with Sandeman

Douro enters the Metaverse with Sandeman

A pioneering and innovative initiative in the Portuguese wine sector, this is a completely immersive visit, where the most iconic spaces at Quinta do Seixo enable whoever visits the Sandeman Cellars, in Gaia, to explore this reference estate in the Douro Region, where the Sandeman Port Wines are created.

“There are several historical and disruptive landmarks that build Sandeman’s success path. A global, contemporary, and innovative brand that always set itself apart for its pioneering character,” says George Sandeman. George, a 7th generation member of the founding family, added: “This experience represents yet another chapter in this history, and enriches it by being present in a fast-growing area, allowing a completely new approach to wine tourism.”

While the experience can exclusively be enjoyed at the Sandeman Cellars, the goal is, in a future stage, to make it possible to visit the Douro and Quinta do Seixo from anywhere in the world, requiring only a set of virtual reality headsets to reach remote consumers and to impact a younger target, better acquainted with this kind of technology. Hence, this is an experience beyond virtual reality, as it allows a remote access, as well as the interaction between several people in the same space.

Sogrape’s entrance in the Metaverse, through the Sandeman brand, is included in the company’s innovation strategy and its importance for the future of the business, as its source of transformation and sustainability, investing in the combination of talent, knowledge, and technology to build Sogrape’s next legacy.

The virtual visit to Quinta do Seixo in the metaverse, currently in a trial stage, is available from Monday to Friday, between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., at the Sandeman Cellars. At this moment, the experience is prepared for a maximum of four people to interact with each other, at the same time, throughout the visit.

Visit to Quinta do Seixo in the metaverse: Venue: Sandeman Cellars Schedules: between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Price per person: 19 €, during the soft launch stage Bookings are available and must be made at, or to the email

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