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Legado: The 2018 vintage has just reached the market

Legado: The 2018 vintage has just reached the market

Legado is much more than a wine. It is a tribute, an accomplished dream, a celebration of the best there is in the Douro. The 2018 vintage has just reached the market, and, like its predecessors, it promises to bottle knowledge, memories, and an extraordinary year for eternity.

Each new vintage reminisces the roots of Legado, a wine by Fernando Guedes, who embraced the magnificent prefiloxeric terraces at Quinta do Caêdo, in Ervedosa do Douro. A timeless, truly astonishing landscape. A force of nature that withstands the test of time. A place that made it possible to create a wine capable of paying tribute to stories, knowledge and adventures inherited from his father, founder of Sogrape, which he passed down to the next generations.

For Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President of Sogrape, “Each new vintage of Legado brings a renewed inspiration in passing the torch of a unique heritage. It is a solemn moment, filled with joy and pride, perpetuating my father’s wish, as well as his knowledge and passion. Because we inevitably remember him, his character, and his dreamer spirit. This is, without a question, a wine filled with symbolism.”

The 8 hectares of vineyards over 100 years old are planted in very small terraces, with a very low average production density. There are more than 25 different varieties, all identified, nodding to ancestral planting techniques. These conditions require an annual threading of horses dragging ploughs for the usual movement of soil, airing its upper layers, as well as to eliminate weeds and other infestations, in a totally biologic process. Normally, the manual harvest takes place in two to three stages, according to vines’ different sun exposures. Therefore, Legado is not short of special attributes.

Since it was first launched, in 2008, we take what nature gives us, without demands, expectations nor standards for perfection. Luís Sottomayor, who proudly authors this wine, is merely waiting for nature. “This is a groundbreaking wine, with the personality of the Douro standing out,” says Sogrape’s Head Winemaker in the Douro. Regarding the new vintage now reaching the market, “Legado 2018 is defined by unusual harmony and elegance, resulting from a very cold, yet extraordinary year. In just a few words, it is intriguing, insinuating, and mysterious. It slowly reveals itself.”, he adds.

Amount produced: 1,816 bottles

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