Quinta da Romeira introduces Vintage of Prova Régia White 2021

With over two decades of history, Prova Régia is exclusively produced with grapes of the Arinto variety, and stands today as one of the greatest white wine references in Portugal due to a rigorous grape selection process and the use of new vinification technologies in its production.

Combined with a hot and dry Spring, the mild temperatures in August enabled a continuous development of the grapes, providing Prova Régia 2021 with a very integrated acidity, highlighting its fresh character as well as aromatic hints of white flowers and citrus.

This wine’s balance between natural freshness and volume make it an excellent choice to enjoy with a wide variety of gastronomic options, from salads and seafood to white meat and even Asian food. Prova Régia is bottled early in order to reveal, when its time to be consumed, its full potential in aromatic intensity and freshness in the mouth, so characteristic of this wine and typical of this region under a strong Atlantic influence.

Prova Régia 2021 Suggested Retail Price (suggested, not binding): €4.99.

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