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Reserva Especial 2014: the 18th edition of the great Douro red is here

Reserva Especial 2014: the 18th edition of the great Douro red is here

Following the announcement of its declaration, the time for the long-awaited arrival to the market is finally here: Casa Ferreirinha 2014 Reserva Especial will be available at the end of June, adding yet another chapter to an over 70-year history.

To speak about Casa Ferreirinha Reserva Especial is to speak of a wine filled with charisma and maturity. This is a wine released only in extraordinary years, rare and unique, unparalleled in enabling the best of what the Douro region has to offer to be enjoyed. Created in 1960 by Fernando Nicolau de Almeida, Reserva Especial has only 18 editions, each presenting a distinct profile while revealing the same identity and origin: the Douro Superior.

2014 Reserva Especial is the latest release of this great red wine from the Douro, a new vintage produced under the complete supervision and responsibility of Luís Sottomayor. According to Sogrape head winemaker in the Douro, "This is a wine that stands out for its elegance, resulting from a moderate climate year with good maturation, as well as for its excellent volume, intense acidity, firm tannins, and an extremely long and complex finish." Vinified at Quinta da Leda in Almendra, the blend mainly consists of carefully selected estate-grown grapes, from a property currently encompassing around 170 hectares of vineyards. Sottomayor adds that by showcasing an intense aroma, highlighting hints of spices, truffles, sous-bois, and black fruits, and through its rocky character with traces of cocoa, 2014 Reserva Especial is "one to linger in memory."

For Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President of Sogrape, "The release of such an iconic wine is always a moment of great emotion, expressing the perfect combination of time and place through a new work of art that enhances the prestige of what we create the best."

Paving the way in the production of still wines in the Douro, Casa Ferreirinha deserves homage with each new vintage of Barca-Velha or Reserva Especial. These wines honour the historic house that named them, a house that has always remained in family hands, having had only three head winemakers to this day. Tradition and innovation, knowledge and experience in winemaking when producing quality wines expressing the region's potential and the diversity of its terroirs, stand as pillars that sustain this long history of success, now enriched with a new chapter.

With a production of 16,415 bottles, Casa Ferreirinha 2014 Reserva Especial will reach the market at the end of June, with an SRP (indicative and non-binding) of €280, available in top wine specialized stores, restaurants and hotels worldwide, as well as in the Ferreira Cellars and selected wine clubs.

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