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Sandeman adds works by Fiumani, Makarov and Vidal to its collection

Sandeman adds works by Fiumani, Makarov and Vidal to its collection

In a fast-paced, expendable world, are we still able to enjoy?” – this was the challenge Sandeman set for the three fine artists in a creative process that took Filippo Fiumani to Quinta do Seixo, in the Douro, Francisco Vidal to The House of Sandeman Hostel and Hugo Makarov to Sandeman Terrace, the latter two in Vila Nova de Gaia. The fruits of their work are now available at Sandeman’s virtual art gallery, next to pieces authored by artists such as Mário Belém or Camila Nogueira, as well as at the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Projected and executed in association with WY Creative, this initiative is born from some-thing that Sandeman and the arts sector share: “Both art and wine require time to be enjoyed, which may present a provocation in the fast-paced age we live in. Stop to lis-ten, see and feel was the challenge we set for these three rising artists and the outcome is the production of admirable pieces that enrich Sandeman’s artistic heritage”, explains Raquel Seabra, Executive Board Member at Sogrape. “To provide a stage for creators of masterpieces is part of the brand’s history, but this was the first time we worked with three simultaneously, with a single motto, and it is very interesting to see how each one continued our history through their artistic expression”, she said.

In a reflection about the need for a break in order to grow and know ourselves, the artists created unique pieces live, in iconic venues of the brand and under the watchful eye of those passing by. Their work may now be enjoyed at The Sandeman Gallery. Fiumani created the sculpture "Alma na Lua” (Soul in the Moon), representing a continuous reflection around human evolution, industrial progress, and the impact these developments had on the natural ecosystems. The piece explores the challenges humanity is facing today and the urgent need to reinvent itself.

Francisco Vidal’s painting establishes a parallel between the age of the wine and the age of the painting. Using the water of the Douro river as an inspiration, this watercolour painting over paper was produced with water, and also wine.

Hugo Makarov’s piece presents itself in different, yet intertwined plans. It highlights the characteristics and textures of the beverage, as well as its roots and future by applying used materials in the piece’s frames, in an effort by the artist to link the past to the pre-sent, thus enriching the future. As time is a crucial factor in enjoying both art and wine, Sandeman continues to encourage and share with everyone an artistic vision of our time, making it timeless.

A visit to The Sandeman Gallery is also an opportunity to remember its extraordinary heritage engraved in pieces, drawings and paintings that are part of our imaginary past. Art walks hand in hand with the brand since the beginning of the 20th century, be it through the acquisition of masterpieces produced by artists of the Royal Academy to use in communication projects, or through the moment when the British artist George Massiot-Brown created the iconic figure of The Don, in 1928, in a combination between the typical ‘sombrero’ from Jerez de la Frontera and the traditional black cape worn by Portuguese college students.

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