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Sandeman Beat: a new beat for Port Wine

Sandeman Beat: a new beat for Port Wine

Keeping up with the growing trend of mixology with Port Wine and the search for alternative beverages to the usual and widespread mixers, the iconic brand Sandeman has just rolled out Sandeman Beat, a range comprised by a bottled White Port and Rosé Port, as well as a can of Portonic – ready-to-drink.

With a fresh and aromatic profile, lower alcohol grade and sugar than a regular Port Wine, these new wines are ideal to celebrate the best moments in life, whatever the occasion, by perfectly combining them in any cocktail or simply by serving with ice and tonic. Presenting itself as a trendsetting Port Wine decided to challenge tradition, Beat intends to attract new and younger consumers.

Inspired by the USA’s rebellious cultural movement of the 1950’s with the same name, as well as by the real meaning of the word, “Beat” is associated with rhythm, movement, music and the heartbeat, present in all aspects of life. Sandeman Beat aims to challenge the status quo and to invite everyone to reinvent how to experience Port Wine together with the beat of the music, joy, friendship and the pleasure of freedom.

This launching by Sandeman also strengthens the close relationship of the brand with art and the international promotion of Portuguese talents through a bottle produced from 360º printed glass with illustrations by the artist Pedro Lourenço. Inspired by the concept of “Beat”, this imaging comprises elements referring to the existing life in the Douro, from fauna to flora, by inviting consumers to enjoy the liveliness and beat of the region, populated by sounds represented by musical instruments incorporated in the illustrated nature.

Sandeman Beat’s packaging, with a colourful, modern and bold design, reflects the brand’s compromise with sustainability, by including a bartop made with cork and 100% recyclable and biodegradable polymers, as well as by enabling the repurposing of the bottle once the wine is finished.

Besides the bottle, this new product is also available in a can. In a ready-to drink format, Sandeman Beat Portonic White and Rosé comes in a 250 ml size, ideal for a more practical, versatile and easy to carry consumption. By including in its composition the amount of tonic suited for those who enjoy the traditional Port Wine Cocktail, this format with a low alcohol grade – around 5% – aims to attract new consumers, bringing the famous Port Tonic to the beach, a picnic, and an outdoor party with friends, among other occasions.

Sandeman Beat is in the early stages of distribution in Europe and Canada. In Portugal, it is available at the Sandeman Cellars and in the Lisbon and Porto’s airport commercial areas.

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