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Sandeman reinforces relationship with the Arts with illustrator Camila Nogueira

Sandeman reinforces relationship with the Arts with illustrator Camila Nogueira

After collaborating with Mário Belém to reinforce the brand's strong connection to the art world, Sandeman has teamed up with Camila Nogueira to get closer to the artistic community, presenting the brand's modern, urban and cosmopolitan identity.

Sandeman Paradise presents a surreal visual narrative that is characteristic of Camila Nogueira’s unique style, immersed in a romantic landscape of her imagination, which captures the beauty and passion of producing and enjoying Port.

The work is composed of a special and limited edition gift box from Sandeman Founder's Reserve and a piece of art available at The Sandeman Gallery, which can be seen in various animations about different details and dimensions and that will be reproduced on the brand's digital channels.

Inspired by Sandeman's 230-year history, Camila Nogueira immersed herself in the brand's rich history and its iconographic past to create her own modern visual representation. The illustrations perfectly reflect the connection of life's great moments, like enjoying a good Port. In a magical, enchanted forest setting, the fun and relaxed consumption of the drink is portrayed in each character, where there is dancing, long conversations and diversity of colour and light.

Camila Nogueira is known for being a storyteller. Her narratives come to life through colour, incredible landscapes, utopian worlds and fantastic creatures that allow us to interpret life in a more joyful, dreamy way. Its visual identity matches Sandeman's.

"There are some characters that have been part of Sandeman's visual universe for a long time, which inspired me to create a 'Sandeman Paradise' with a more modern feel, transforming some of the existing characters and adding some new ones. I tried to portray the diversity of Sandeman's aromas and flavours in the image, contrasting darker colours with brighter, lighter colours, also invoking a sense of fantasy. I wanted to explore the bolder side of the brand while maintaining its elegance, creating an image that invites us to explore and interpret art, as it should always be," the artist said.

This is not the first collaboration between the brand and Portuguese artists. Recently the renowned plastic artist Mário Belém also created unique pieces for the brand. Sandeman's relationship with art goes back to its origins when various artists were invited to contribute to the visual universe of a brand that has always valued an innovative and sophisticated approach in its communication.

Sandeman's close relationship with art led to partnerships with artists such as the well-known Jean d'Ylen or Scotland’s George Massiot-Brown, creator of the mythical figure The Don in 1928, with the iconic hat typical of Jerez de la Frontera and the traditional black cape worn by Portuguese university students. The history of this emblematic brand is still very much alive at Sandeman Cellars and Quinta do Seixo, spaces open to the public and just a click away at The Sandeman Gallery. This online gallery, available on the Sandeman website, is an opportunity to revisit the brand's extraordinary artistic heritage, remember drawings, paintings, and other historical works of our imagination, and see the most recent pieces resulting from the collaboration with Mário Belém and Camila Nogueira.

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