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Série Ímpar Solitário: The red wine from the white wine region

Série Ímpar Solitário: The red wine from the white wine region

After surprising with two editions of Sercialinho da Bairrada and the Retorto de Portalegre, this new chapter of Série Ímpar stars a red wine holding its ground in a region known for the excellence of its white wines – Bucelas. Bold in nature, Solitário was also named after its birth place, among vineyards planted on a high slope, isolated and surrounded by fortifications from the 19th century, which, once upon a time, protected Lisbon from French invaders. History has it that the owner of these vineyards was quite fond of his time alone, hence planting them far away from home and his wife.

Basing its main concept in differentiation, Série Ímpar was born from a challenge issued by Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President at Sogrape, to the winemaking team in Portugal for them to think freely, without boundaries nor precedents. “The success of the previous editions and the introduction of this new wine prove once more that Série Ímpar was a major missing piece in Sogrape’s history, as well as in the winemaking universe. This is a project representing the ideal balance between freedom, creativity and professionalism”.

Prepared by António Braga and completed by Diogo Sepúlveda, current Head of Winemaking responsible for the Vinhos Verdes, Dão, and Lisbon Regions, as well as for Mateus, Série Ímpar Solitário 2019 is a red wine with indication of vintage resulting from a field blend of traditional grape varieties sourced from Lisbon, benefiting from the region’s moderate climate, limestone soil and strong Atlantic influence. For Diogo, “Bringing this wine to life was a very interesting challenge due to the innovation of creating a superior quality red wine in a white wine region. Deeply fresh and elegant, Solitário reflects the moderate climate of the region, with cold winters, sunny summers with fresh breezes, and the limestone soil, as well as the strong Atlantic influence. Undergoing a vinification process with little intervention in order to preserve the original identity of the wine, Solitário stands out for its originality.

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