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Sogrape pays homage to Dona Antónia by introducing a new vintage

Sogrape pays homage to Dona Antónia by introducing a new vintage

2019 Antónia Adelaide Ferreira DOC Douro Red is the most recent vintage of a wine honouring a unique figure in the history of the Douro Wine Region. With a limited edition of only 2,666 bottles, it follows its predecessors’ footsteps in standing as a synonym of quality, complexity, and elegance, and will be available on the market in early July.

Sogrape once again pays tribute to one of the most fascinating women in the history of Portugal with the new vintage of Antónia Adelaide Ferreira DOC Douro Red, to be released in early July, as usual, to celebrate Dona Antónia's birthday. Created in 2011 to celebrate her 200th anniversary, this is a wine exalting the legacy of the woman recognized as the greatest ambassador of the Douro and its wines, a visionary woman, passionate about the region, with great entrepreneurship and tenacity.

Produced from a strict selection of the best grapes sourced from Sogrape's estates in the Douro, with a greater focus on Cima-Corgo and the Douro Superior, this wine brings together the best of the region in a year favouring a long and balanced maturation finish. Signed by Luís Sottomayor, this is a wine "of vibrant complexity and harmony, resulting from the year's characteristics and a careful selection of grapes." Sottomayor adds that, after the vinification process,"the final blends were carefully selected in order to showcase the quality of each terroir, thus, enabling us to bottle the best of the Douro, paying due tribute to Dona Antónia, who has done so much for this region."

Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, affectionately nicknamed “Ferreirinha” by her fellow countrymen, has several tributes in honour of her life and work, such as the Dona Antónia Awards — an annual celebration that distinguishes Portuguese women with an exceptional life path and who stand out for their human qualities, while sharing the same values as this unique figure — and most recently, the new bridge over the Douro river, which will connect Vila Nova de Gaia to Porto. The name was chosen through popular vote, in a gesture that, once again, highlights the relevance of Dona Antónia, and reflects her legacy.

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