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“The Taste of Sandeman”: Illustrations tell short stories on a new campaign

“The Taste of Sandeman”: Illustrations tell short stories on a new campaign

Sandeman reinforces its connection to the arts in the new campaign "The Taste of Sandeman." Showcasing four illustrations by Portuguese artist Tiago Lobo Pimentel, the campaign was developed by the creative agency Solid Dogma and tells us stories of consumption moments with the brand.

Aimed at highlighting Sandeman as the ideal Port Wine for several different occasions, Solid Dogma and Tiago Lobo Pimentel designed scenarios and characters that allow us to associate Sandeman with moments in life, such as waiting for a flight at the airport, socializing with friends in our backyard, or a relaxing moment at a bar.

In "The Taste of Sandeman," different consumption contexts and targets have The Don incorporated as an element of artistic exploration in various expression forms, such as painting, sculpture, and fashion. Hence, the figure of The Don emerges as an agent of closeness to the consumer, as well as a source of inspiration and contextualization in sophisticated environments, contributing to the continuity of this iconic heritage of the brand. The campaign will be live from March in digital format and other platforms.

"This campaign was created to illustrate consumption environments suitable for each reference style, and also to highlight The Don's character in short narratives," says Filipe Gonçalves, Sogrape’s Chief Marketing Officer. "Sandeman's powerful connection to the creative universe of the arts led us to invite Tiago Lobo Pimentel to this adventure and to challenge him to illustrate Sandeman's emblematic silhouette in different expression forms," Gonçalves added.

Mysterious and unique, the The Don charmed the world as the first great icon in the wine industry. Created in 1928 by George Massiot Brown, its typical student black cape and Andalusian “sombrero” remain as the ultimate symbols of the brand, and this is the reason why it is one of the most focused elements in the new campaign’s illustrations.

Sandeman's connection to the artistic community is part of the brand's identity and is something its followers are already accustomed to. Recently, Sandeman integrated works by visual artist Filippo Fiumani, painter Francisco Vidal, and illustrator Hugo Makarov into its art collection, thus materializing its commitment towards collaborating with artists from different artistic expressions.

The three art works, as well as other, are available online at The Sandeman Gallery.

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