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Adopting Nature-based solutions


These days, one of the wine industry’s main challenges is reducing the use of chemical products to control vine diseases, while simultaneously ensuring the yield and quality of grapes and wines. The purpose of this project is to investigate and develop new products based on plant extracts with an agent to combat vine diseases of microbiological origin. These so-called biofungicides will be chosen from among a range of plant extracts already identified by partners IPB (Bragança Polytechnic Institute) and Deifil, who have vast expertise in developing natural antimicrobials and establishing in vitro cultures.

The undertaking is expected to result in innovative products to enhance natural biodiversity and meet the needs and expectations of the wine industry, namely by offering alternative means of vine protection which are safe for end consumers and have less environmental impact, thereby promoting business sustainability.

PReVineGRape is co-sponsored by Deifil (project leader), Sogrape, João Nicolau de Almeida & Filhos, Lda., the IPB and ADVID (Douro Valley Winegrowers’ Association). Its testing and validation will be done in the Alentejo region, at Herdade do Peso, and in the Douro region, at Quinta de Montexisto.