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Well-known for its Port Wine, the world’s most famous liqueur, the Douro is also known for its still wines. In north-eastern Portugal, the region encompasses 250,000 hectares of mountainous terrain, where hills and valleys accommodate 44,000 hectares of vineyards in 3 sub-regions crossed by the Douro River. More than 110 grape varieties withstand harsh winters and scorching summers in man-made schist terraces.

Focused on preserving this unique heritage and cultivating grapes of quality and diversity for its Douro and Port wines, Sogrape is one of the main vineyard owners in the region, with more than a dozen exceptional farms and vineyards in its care.

At privileged locations with different altitudes, exposures and soils, these properties house dozens of traditional grape varieties at their admirable vineyards, many of them centuries-old.

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Our brands and wines

Offering high-quality wines and great brands is an age-old belief at Sogrape. It has always been this way. For us, each bottle symbolises a new story, a new way of expression, and an invitation to explore nature and its aromas. It is during this new journey towards new destinations where unparalleled moments and experiences can be found.

Our grape varieties

The grape varieties we grow are a legacy and testimonial to the diversity and potential of each country and region. A reflection of exceptional terroirs, their unique richness and character give rise to wines full of personality with their own identity.