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Um convite a descobrir uma casta pouco comum em Portugal – Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea

Um convite a descobrir uma casta pouco comum em Portugal – Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea

Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea 2016 is the new “specialty” of the iconic Douro wine brand. An invitation to discover a grape variety which is quite rare, but no less representative of the region’s heritage, and which illustrates the wealth of the terroirs of Casa Ferreirinha.

Although less well known, various grape varieties have long been cultivated in the Douro which bear witness to the region’s diversity and potential, and which lie at the heart of wines with a one-of-a-kind personality. Touriga-Fêmea is one of them. Although it has less than 40 hectares planted in Portugal, it remains no less representative of this Designated Region.

Born from a (likely natural) cross between Touriga Nacional and Malvasia Fina, Touriga-Fêmea is a true “child of the Douro”, also known locally as Touriga Brasileira. This authentic legacy gave rise to the Red Wine Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea 2016, a “speciality” which reflects the complexity and finesse of this region’s great wines, together with Casa Ferreirinha’s desire to create superior benchmarks which illustrate the wealth and exuberance of the grape varieties that make up its terroirs.

“Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea is a lively, elegant wine which has revitalised a traditional grape variety somewhat forgotten to most Douro wine enthusiasts. Although less common, this grape variety gives wines an intense and elegant profile, which is clear to see in this 2016 wine,” says Luís Sottomayor, the winemaker in charge of Sogrape's Douro wines.

Casa Ferreirinha Touriga-Fêmea Tinto 2016 was aged for two years in barrels of French oak, and is ready for tasting, although an additional 5 to 8 years of ageing in the bottle is recommended.

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