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Ferreira cellars reopen with a new Wine Tourism space

Ferreira cellars reopen with a new Wine Tourism space

Benefiting from a substantial renovation project, the Ferreira Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia reopen their doors to the public with new spaces dedicated to Dona Antónia, the Douro and the Vintage, in a visiting experience based on authenticity, history and heritage.

One year after in-depth rehabilitation work and historical immersion, the new wine tourism space at Ferreira Cellars invites visitors to travel back in time and rediscover a brand more than 250 years old, in a true living museum where Port Wines have aged since the 18th century in hundreds of wooden barrels.

An expression of history and tradition, the renovated spaces include the home of Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, where a family tree and historical documents evoke the life and work of an incomparable figure in Douro winemaking. In an ode to the region and the arduous work of people on never-ending terraces, the Douro is also in the spotlight in the new circuit, through photos and artefacts which transport us to times of old. As a tribute to the emblematic Vintage legacy of Porto Ferreira, the new space dedicated to this special category of Port Wine lets us time travel over three centuries through historical events associated with each declared year.

The reopening of the Ferreira Cellars also brings novelties in the area of tourism. On Sunday mornings, guided tours are free, where families and groups can enjoy special discounts and promotional packages. A single ticket can also be purchased to visit the Cellars and the Serralves Foundation. Finally, for those travelling by bike, the Cellars have a special parking area.

  • Hours

Every day, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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+351 223 746 106 / / Website: visit here

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Caves Ferreira Av. Ramos Pinto, n. 70 4400-082 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

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