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Dona Antónia Awards: Meet the 2021 Winners

Dona Antónia Awards: Meet the 2021 Winners

Maria João Avillez, one of the greatest references of national political journalism is the winner of the Consecration Award and Maria do Carmo Teixeira Bastos was distinguished with the Revelation Award, for her contribution as co-founder and president of Young Parkies Portugal, the Portuguese Early Parkinson's Association.

Since its creation in 1988, the Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira Awards have aimed to distinguish and honour Portuguese women with an exceptional life path, who stand out for their human qualities, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership ability and social sensitivity, openness to innovation and constant search for their own development.

The jury, autonomous and chaired by Artur Santos Silva, annually awards the Career Consecration Prize, which pays tribute to a consolidated life path deserving unequivocal public recognition, and a Revelation Prize, which seeks to honour an important career in a phase of affirmation and development.

All the winners are protagonists of a unique and different story, following the example of the life and work of Dona Antónia and identifying with the personal and professional values embodied by the same. A unique character in the history of the Douro, entrepreneurial and with a strong humanist character, Dona Antónia decisively inspired the development of the great Port wine house, Porto Ferreira, and of all Douro viticulture, contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of our country.

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