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GAZELA, coming soon in a can

GAZELA, coming soon in a can

The Portuguese brand Gazela will soon be available in a slim 250 ml can, rounding out its offering of the 75 cl bottle and Gazela On (tap). This new, younger and more practical option will be coming to the domestic and international markets starting in May.

Appreciated for its lightness and freshness, Gazela will reinforce its concept as a straightforward wine, ideal for all occasions, in an appealing format whose main advantage is easy transportation and refrigeration.

“We know that Gazela consumers can enjoy this wine on many different occasions, such as at the table, accompanying a traditional meal, or outside while socializing with friends. In recent years, we have noticed several markets where wine in a can has encouraged casual consumption among every generation, with up to three-digit growth in the past two years,” explains Sogrape Director João Gomes da Silva. “This option is perfectly matched to Gazela’s DNA. The wine that “goes well with life” is, by definition, easy to drink, light and refreshing. This option – in line with the recent launch of Gazela On – will thus strengthen brand awareness when being enjoyed by its fans and consumers”.

Gazela in a can will be available in Portugal, the United States and Norway starting in May, followed by a number of other potential markets in the near future.

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