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How to serve the perfect white wine

How to serve the perfect white wine

Even the best wine can be ruined if it is not stored and served in the correct way. To enjoy a glass of white wine to the full, follow our basic recommendations.

While they are waiting to be served, we recommend that you store any bottles of wine away from light, somewhere with a stable temperature and humidity, without contrasts and preferably in a horizontal position. This way, you can be sure that the wine remains in the optimum condition until it is opened.

Before opening, make sure that the bottle is at the right serving temperature. White wine and cold are a natural association, but - despite what you may believe - colder is not necessarily better. In the case of wines elaborated from Albariño, the ideal temperature is between 9 and 11 degrees, when you can best appreciate the aroma and the floral bouquet of the variety. If you serve it too cold, the low temperature prevents the aromas from being unveiled. On the other hand, if it’s too hot, the alcohol will become very apparent and invade your nose.

When the time comes to serve it, the choice of glass is crucial, as every type of glass makes different aromas and nuances emerge in the wine. For Albariño, the best type is a fine crystal Bordeaux glass, with a long stem. But if you want to follow Galician tradition, you could use a cunca de viño, a small, normally white ceramic bowl that you often find in authentic Galician tabernas.

Food and wine pairing is another of the subjects that should be considered. The flavours and aromas of food complement and are integrated with those of the wine, so they need to be in tune. Rías Baixas pairs with and goes well with fish, seafood, rice dishes, cheese and empanadas... but also with dishes that are less associated with Galicia, such as Japanese sushi and fish or vegetable quiches. It is also the perfect wine to enjoy as an aperitif due to its touch of acidity and refreshing character.

And finally, after you've enjoyed a glass or two, follow this advice on how to store an open bottle correctly at home. First, make sure that the bottle is closed properly to avoid oxygen getting inside. To do so, use a special stopper if you have one, to create a vacuum in the bottle, if not, use the cork from the bottle itself and keep it up right in the fridge, protected from light. And remember to drink the rest within four days.

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