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LAN 7 METROS: the search for the right size

LAN 7 METROS: the search for the right size

Scarcity and selection

The barrels selected to age LAN 7 METRES are made from the few specimens of Spanish oak that grow to have least seven metres of trunk clear of branches and knots, each one selected for its exceptional growth. This 100% Tempranillo wine seeks to achieve a perfect balance between fruit and oak, bringing new nuances and aromas. Commitment to innovative ageing has been one of LAN’s distinguishing traits for more than two decades.

Limited edition

This wine comes from a selection of Tempranillo vines grown in the 35 year-old “Los Valles” parcel (1.6 ha) located in El Cortijo (Rioja Alta), and the 40 year-old “Carrayecora” parcel (2.7 ha) located in Viñaspre (Rioja Alavesa). Ageing took place in 30 Spanish oak barrels (Quercus pyrenaica) from forests found in the provinces of Burgos and Leon.

Spanish oak

Despite its use in winemaking dating back to the time of the Romans, there are currently very few examples of Spanish oak (Quercus pyrenaica) that are suitable for use in winemaking; as only trees that reach the requisite height can be made into barrels.

Ageing with restraint

Our search for perfection includes not only the measurements of the oak trees to be converted into barrels, but also the amount of time that this type of oak is in contact with the wine: 16 months’ ageing in 30 selected Spanish oak barrels with two intermediate rackings at 4 and 11 months. It is then aged for a further 14 months in the bottle.

A label inspired by nature

The design of the LAN 7 METROS packaging seeks to transmit the importance of oak in this wine. Therefore, the label features a number seven laminated in natural wood, which is placed over what could be interpreted as a forest of oak trees, the habitat where it is found. It is all about the search for the essence of nature, for living materials, in an image that stands out for its apparent simplicity.

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