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Sogrape postponed Barca-Velha 2011

Sogrape postponed Barca-Velha 2011

In a gesture of responsibility and good sense, Sogrape’s Douro winemaking team led by Luís Sottomayor has decided to postpone the distribution of 75 cl bottles of Barca-Velha 2011 in the wake of a recent re-corking operation.

The symbol of an eternal search for perfection, Barca-Velha is a wine that expresses every detail. It is a wine fuelled by dreams and convictions, the ambition to produce the Douro's very best, and the belief that each new edition surpasses and dignifies an unparalleled legacy. It is, therefore, a wine which has challenged people in the art of waiting for nearly 70 years. The 2011 harvest, announced at the end of 2019, with a launch originally scheduled for May 2020 and finally presented to the press last September, is proving to be a master in this regard!

Because of difficulties in extracting the original corks from the bottles, Sogrape decided to re-cork its entire inventory of 75 cl bottles of Barca-Velha 2011, thereby seeking to preserve the wine’s longevity and protect its reputation and impeccable quality, already given the highest score from national critics.

However, as a precautionary measure and as recommended by good winemaking practices, this forced the company to take the bold step of postponing the commercial release of Barca-Velha 2011 until after 2020, to ensure that the wine could fully express its traditional bouquet.

Over the upcoming months, and as usually occurs with every Barca-Velha, Sogrape’s Douro winemaking team will closely monitor the wine’s progress to ensure that a sound final decision is made for this harvest. Like Luís Sottomayor has always said, and as we can see now, the wine is the one in charge!

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