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100 points from Wine Enthusiast to Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018

100 points from Wine Enthusiast to Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018

Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018 has received the highest score from the prestigious American wine magazine Wine Enthusiast. This score of 100 points reinforces the confidence of winemaker Luís Sottomayor in the year 2018, which he considered a benchmark on the Vintage scene from early on.

As a year marked by challenges and apparently adverse conditions, 2018 ultimately resulted in the production of great, truly classic Vintages. Recalling the words of Luís Sottomayor, optimistic about this year's tremendous potential from early on and confident about the assertion, “2018 was one of the best years for Vintage I have ever witnessed”. The 100 points earned by Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018 not only reinforce this conviction, but also reaffirm the quality and prestige of the brand’s Vintages in its search for unparalleled consistent quality.

This highest possible distinction takes Ferreira’s latest Vintage to the highest level in one of the world’s most reputable specialty magazines. At the same time, “it acknowledges the professionalism, passion and dedication of a great team that truly understands the Douro and all of its potential, seeking to do even better with each and every harvest,” concludes Luís, who heads up Sogrape’s winemaking team in the Douro.

For Sogrape, this recognition is also a point of pride and confidence in the consistent work being done by the company in the area of Port Wines. Fernando da Cunha Guedes, Chairman, says that “these moments are experienced enthusiastically by everyone, since this acknowledgement is mostly for the creators, as well as the inside community dedicated to giving this undertaking the best outcome, for everyone who works at Sogrape and who are passionate about this ‘art’”.

Note that this is the third highest distinction given to Sogrape wines by Wine Enthusiast. The emblematic Casa Ferreirinha Barca-Velha 2008 and Sandeman Quinta do Seixo Vintage 2017 also received 100 points from this same magazine.

Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018 is a true classic, noteworthy for its elegance, well-balanced nature and high complexity, doing justice to the style of this specialty Vintage brand, with more than 250 years of history and the most valuable legacy in the most acclaimed category of Port Wine.

**Porto Ferreira Vintage: over 250 years of endurance **

The idea of endurance is not new to Porto Ferreira, and confirms the vitality of a brand over 250 years of age that owns the oldest and most iconic Vintage cellar in the sector, with references dating back to 1815. Thanks to the vision and business sense of Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, a native of the Douro and a woman ahead of her time, this historical legacy that has been built over centuries is still preserved to this day.

More recent Vintages have also received excellent ratings, including those from Wine Enthusiast, which in recent years gave 99 points to Porto Ferreira Vintage 2016 and 97 points to Porto Ferreira Vintage 2011, the latter included in the Top 100 wines selected by the magazine in 2013.

The 100 points now awarded to Porto Ferreira Vintage 2018 are the result of this path of endurance and excellence, a key trait of the Ferreira establishment since it was founded in 1751, and which has always remained in Portuguese hands.

Sogrape has shared these same ambitions in its journey with the brand since 1987 – when Porto Ferreira joined its portfolio – so that it remains a benchmark in the history of Portuguese wine and the most distinguished ambassador of Port Wine in the world.

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