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Wine and social well-being for happier lives

Wine and social well-being for happier lives

Wine is part of an ancient culture with strong historical roots and is integral to a healthy Mediterranean diet. It is synonymous with sharing stories, memories and good times. It is a real ice-breaker and creates better and more positive human relationships.

This is the theme of the new edition of Sogrape in every grape Podcast, inspired by the Wine in Moderation (WIM) programme that Sogrape helped co-found. The podcast features George Sandeman, one of the best-known names in the wine sector, from the 7th generation of the Sandeman family and a world champion of the WIM programme, in an interview conducted by Lígia Marques, Senior Wine Educator at the Sogrape Wine Academy.

Put your headphones on and dive into this interesting conversation about the importance of moderate and responsible consumption for the sustainable future of wine and its close connection with social well-being and happier lives.

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