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Dedicado Wines have their own wine club

Dedicado Wines have their own wine club

We are happy to announce that we already launched our new Dedicado Wine Club Online Store. It’s only for members. They must log in with a password only by invitation. This is a really special moment for this project. We started with a simple tasting in our office, and now we’ve launched an online store whit special brands and also imported wines.


The Wine Club was created on March 2018 because we understood that consumers were too confused with the big offer in wine. Sometimes the decision of buying a wine is really tough so consumers use to decide to buy “the secure wine” (strong brands and historic best sellers) . We saw that the only way to create value in our top end line was in an exclusive context, sharing a glass of wine and talking about the characteristics of the Dedicado line. Luckily it was a success!

We started with a small group of twenty contacts, and then they shared the experience with others. This process to get in touch with the target is secure but too slowly so we went to the most important universities, schools, companies, car agencies and countries to get in touch with our potential consumers. That helped us to increase our contact list. Then we saw that the experience needed more content, so we created a special material for our tastings to explain the correct tasting process focused on knowledge but also in a relaxed way. Every month we send to our contacts updates about Finca Flichman and new offers. We have already launched a new e mail marketing tool with better design and automations to be in contact with our consumers and an online store.


The members are invited to the Wine Club only by recommendation of another member. They have access to exclusive tasting with the Head Winemaker and the Brand. They also have access to limited-edition wines and exclusive offers every month. We also offers the imported wines of SOLW. Now we are offering free shipping in search of an excellent service.

We don´t use any social media or press to communicate the Wine Club. We only accept new members by recommendation. We are focus on a very specific target so we need to work hard to get in touch and then to be recommended by them to others. The important thing is to create prestige but also make extra value in our offer to be differentiated from others wine clubs.

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