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Porto Ferreira toasts summer with Portugal standards

Porto Ferreira toasts summer with Portugal standards

The warm weather has arrived, and with it also the desire to make the most of good times and enjoy the best Portugal has to offer. For this reason, Porto Ferreira is marking the summer with the 3rd issue of its Classic range “Padrões de Portugal”. With a packaging inspired by typical Portuguese images, the brand seeks to reinforce its identity while celebrating its Portuguese roots.

In a tribute to Portugal and the things that define our culture, Porto Ferreira is back with yet another limited edition of “Padrões de Portugal”, combining modernity with tradition. In a celebratory gesture to the traditional windows, tiles and typographic plaques of tiles that adorn our streets, the emblematic Port Wine brand once again invites you to toast what makes us Portuguese.

The new “Padrões de Portugal” will be available on the market starting in July with the options of White, Ruby and Tawny. In addition, the brand will also be offering two promotional packs, including one bottle of Porto Ferreira White or one bottle of Porto Ferreira Tawny and a cocktail glass. The idea is to let the imagination run free, or to make simple, refreshing cocktails for the warm days which are soon approaching. Porto Ferreira challenges you to try a White Port and Tonic or a Tawny Mandarin Port, where the stars are your chosen Port Wines.

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