Porto Ferreira launches special edition of Dona Antónia 20-Year-Old Tawny

Porto Ferreira recently launched a special edition of Dona Antónia 20-Year-Old Tawny in a unique and elegant bottle holding one of the brand’s most famous Port Wines. In tribute to the iconic figure of the Douro, Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, this limited edition is ideal as a gift, or for enjoying at special celebrations.

This special edition of Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia 20-Year-Old Tawny looks ahead to the 210th birthday of Antónia, a prominent woman in the Douro’s history whose life remains an example and an inspiration. With a wooden box holding a unique and elegant bottle, this is a true collector’s item and an excellent option for this Christmas: with elegant lines and a decanter style, the transparent glass bottle is silk-screened in gold and engraved with the brand name of Dona Antónia. Inside, it holds a sublime Port Wine, whose burgundy colour is as luxurious as its packaging.

In a limited edition of 6,500 bottles, Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia 20-Year-Old Tawny is the perfect present to commemorate those who, like Antónia, left their mark of kindness and courage in our lives, and serve as an example and inspiration to all of us.

About Antónia Adelaide Ferreira:

Born in Régua in 1811, Antónia Adelaide Ferreira assumed leadership of the Ferreira establishment at age 33, already widowed and the mother of two children. As an innovator and entrepreneur, she transformed it into Portugal’s biggest Port Wine company. Her determination left its mark on the history of the Douro, for example by keeping dozens of struggling families from losing their winemaking farms during times of hardship. Also known as “Ferreirinha”, Antónia was nicknamed the “mother of the poor” for her extensive social work, including the construction of hospitals in several of the region’s cities.

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