Quinta dos Carvalhais Parcela 45 – The best Alfrocheiro ever in a one-of-a-kind wine

This is the ultimate legacy of a vineyard which was lost forever in the forest fires of 2017, and the best Alfrocheiro ever produced at the Quinta dos Carvalhais. We are speaking of Parcela 45, a very special and lted edition of a last of its kind, high-quality wine.

One of the most devastating forest fires in living memory overwhelmed Mangualde on October 15th 2017. It relentlessly devoured fields, forests, homes, dreams, lives… Quinta dos Carvalhais was not spared and, in just minutes, hectares of vineyards were reduced to ashes. This was the fate of Parcela 45. Here, the grapes had been picked just days before, hastened by a hot, dry summer, and this final harvest gave rise to Quinta dos Carvalhais Parcela 45 Tinto 2017.

One-of-a-kind, as the last testimonial to this vineyard now lost forever, Parcela 45 has also proven to be the best Alfrocheiro ever produced in Carvalhais. “It was special from the very start. It is an Alfrocheiro that comes from the hives parcel, at 45, which we always looked at as bees around flowers. It was harvested at the time of perfect balance between fruit, freshness and structure,” says Beatriz Cabral de Almeida. “We are left with the memory of how nature works so well, and a wine whose taste was like no other,” concludes the winemaker who created it, in a testimonial laden with emotion and underscoring this red wine as “the best tribute we could pay to those who suffered such a catastrophe on what was, for many, the worst day of their lives”.

Produced exclusively with Alfrocheiro, Quinta dos Carvalhais Parcela 45 Tinto 2017 combines the very best of this ancient grape variety of tremendous potential in the Dão, which lies at the heart of highly fruity aromas and delicate flavours, with tannins which are full-bodied, but smooth and perfectly balanced with acidity. A subtle wine with a long, harmonious and culinary finish, inviting you to the table.

Quinta dos Carvalhais Parcela 45 Tinto 2017 can be kept for a long time, between 10 and 15 years. At this time, the vines planted on the same parcel will bear new fruit, although the wine will never be the same elegant, compelling and balanced red now arriving on the market in a limited edition at wine cellars, specialty stores and high-end restaurants.

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