Sogrape in every grape | Chatting with the Dona Antónia Award winners

The Sogrape in every grape section is designed to tell stories of the diversity of people, origins, wines, brands and projects in the Sogrape universe. In this edition we will give voice to the winners of the 34th Edition of the Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira Awards.

These Awards purpose is to distinguish and honour Portuguese women with an exceptional life path, who stand out for their human qualities, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership ability and social sensitivity, openness to innovation and constant search for their own development. The Career Consecration Prize, awarded to Maria João Avillez, intends to honour a consolidated life path deserving unequivocal public recognition. The Revelation Award, now granted to Maria do Carmo Teixeira Bastos, aims to honour a relevant career in a phase of affirmation and development.

In this month's edition, you will witness an inspiring conversation led by Raquel Seabra, Executive Director of Sogrape, and the two women honoured Maria João Avillez and Maria do Carmo Teixeira Bastos.

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