Sogrape Vinhos Declares 2016 Vintage for Ferreira, Sandeman and Offley

2016 will go down in Porto Wine's history as a top-quality vintage. Today Sogrape is pleased to declare the 2016 Vintage for Ferreira, Sandeman and Offley.

Luís Sottomayor, the winemaker responsible for these new creations, emphasizes the "robustness and structure" of the wines from the 2016 harvest, and anticipates a quintessential Vintage profile “with exceptional degrees of complexity, colour and structure and hints of tannin, perfect for aging in the bottle over many years”. Sogrape's Douro winemaking team was already looking forward to the 2016 vintage, an unusual year in terms of weather. The winter was mild and dry, but the constant rain that started towards the end of the winter persisted into spring, accompanied by periods of low temperatures. These factors affected flowering, and heightened the risk of grapevine diseases, especially mildew. The summer was mild, with strong heat spells and cold nights, making the end of maturity long and balanced, and resulting in wines of high quality.

The result: three Vintages, each with an outstanding, classical character, each expressing a highly distinct profile, characterized by the harmony and elegance of Ferreira, the robustness and depth of Sandeman and the youthful irreverence of Offley.

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