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The growth cycle at Viña Lanciano

The growth cycle at Viña Lanciano

Every year, in our Viña Lanciano vineyard we experience the different stages in the vine growth cycle. Weather conditions determine the start of some of the phases and the various tasks that we carry out in the vines.


Between January and February, depending on the year, we start to prune the vines while they are dormant – that is to say, when the sap is concentrated in the trunk and not flowing through the plant. It is a process that is not just done once, as we usually start with a first phase of pre-pruning, which helps us with the later pruning. We also use this opportunity to apply copper paint that heals the cuts and avoids fungi and other harmful bacteria from getting into the plant.


This is one of the magic moments in the vineyard, which lasts little more than a week. Sometimes, you can see it, but the right weather conditions have to occur to waken each plant. It usually coincides with the end of winter or the start of spring. The soil temperature needs to reach 10 degrees for the sap to start to flow and reach the ends of the plant where it appears like a teardrop. That is why we say in Spanish that the vineyard “cries” when it comes back to life for another year.

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