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The unique wines of LAN

The unique wines of LAN

If choosing a variety, which represents Rioja, it would definitely be Tempranillo. The name comes from “temprano” meaning early, which describes the grapes early ripening characteristic. It is the most widely planted varietal because it is the best adapted to the soils and climate of Rioja.

It has been planted for centuries in the region and has even withstood various diseases, such as phylloxera, at the end of the nineteenth century. Tempranillo has intense aromas of red fruit and liquorice with floral nuances. Its tannins are soft, making very pleasant wines on the palate. They are balanced, with good acidity. The responsibility of producing a wine that expresses distinctive features depends not only on the vineyard but also on the winemaking team. These are the three wines that capture the uniqueness of LAN in the search for new nuances.

Keeping old traditions alive in Rioja: LAN D-12

An old tradition of Riojan grape growers was to keep their favorite wines for special occasions. LAN D-12 is made in homage to tank number 12, which our cellar masters Paco and Chuchi saved for the wine that stood out from the rest. A selection we call hedonic, because it is based on the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, such as the color and aromas. This selection takes place after the alcoholic fermentation but before the malolactic fermentation.

Looking back to the vineyard: LAN Xtrème

LAN Xtrème is our organic wine, which brings to life our respect for the raw material, using minimal intervention from the natural environment. From the beginning we have embraced the philosophy that “winemaking starts in the vineyard” and pushed this philosophy to the limits with LAN Xtrème. Our grapes are grown on a plot of land in the hills of our vineyards that favours organic viticulture because of its location.

Aging Innovation: LAN 7 Metros

The latest innovation from LAN is the aging of our wine in Spanish oak barrels (Quercus pyrenaica). The barrels for aging LAN 7 Metros are made by carefully selecting specimens of Spanish oak, at least 7 meters long and with trunks free of branches and knots. This wine is 100% Tempranillo and seeks to find the perfect balance between fruit and oak, providing different nuances. We have made a commitment to the innovation of aging, a hallmark of Bodegas LAN for the past two decades.

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