Located in Fuenmayor, in the heart of Spain's La Rioja province, the story behind the three letters L-A-N is recounted at Bodegas LAN in a visit where nature, wine and architecture cross paths in an engaging environment.

Paraje de Buicio s/n,
26360 Fuenmayor

Latitude: N 42º27'58.68"
Longitude: W 02º36'09.8"

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At LAN, we can have incredible experiences connecting with the historical heritage and nature which Sogrape has always sustained with great care, so that each visitor can be part of our story as well.

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Each location seeks to introduce and convey the culture of wine and the bond with history and nature which Sogrape has taken great care to preserve in each of the different winemaking regions, where it offers memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences.