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Casa Ferreirinha announces Barca-Velha 2015

Casa Ferreirinha announces Barca-Velha 2015

The highly anticipated Barca-Velha 2015 vintage will soon grace wine markets, marking a monumental moment for aficionados eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Renowned for its exceptional quality and limited releases, Barca-Velha, crafted by Casa Ferreirinha, has garnered acclaim since its inception in 1952. With only 21 vintages declared as the best in the Douro region's history, the announcement of Barca-Velha 2015 is shared with both excitement and reverence by Sogrape.

Luís Sottomayor, the winemaker, describes the 2015 vintage as vibrant, characterful, and persistently impressive, despite facing challenges during the harvest. Grapes sourced from different altitudes in the Douro Superior contribute to the wine's complexity, with the majority of the blend sourced from Quinta da Leda's vineyards.

Enthusiasts can look forward to the official launch of Barca-Velha 2015 in June, a release sure to captivate palates and further solidify Barca-Velha's esteemed reputation in the world of Fine Wines.

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